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Introduction tracks expiring domain names, then compares thousands of names to known word lists (english words, technical, places, ...) and keeps only those matching a known word in its database. In addition, it tries to find unregistered domain names matching any word.

How it works

Every day, it fetches a large amount of data over the internet and computes it. This process takes several hours to complete. The output is a list of new domain names that will be deleted within the next few days as well as expiring domain names that will be available for possible auctions; more information regarding different domain names are available on the Frenquently Asked Questions page.

In addition, a number of domain names in SaveSpell's database is monitored every day in order to track changes and find out what domain names have been either expired or registered.

Once a domain name is in a status, it may change again. For example, a registered domain can be cancelled and is available again for registration, or an expired domain name is registered: it's not available anymore for registration; but because it can be cancelled it is still monitored for some time.

What SaveSpell is not...

It isn't a real time tool, so the information is always delayed... and may be outdated for some time.

In addition, it doesn't care about popularity of a word, mix of words into groups (like a with a few exceptions (e.g. the oxymorons) where the group of words are considered as another word.

If you are looking for domain names suggestions related to a specific word, you should check Nameboy, Domain Ideas or

Web site updates

The database is updated every minute, but individual pages are updated between once a hour to once a day. When dealing with a list of large amount of domain names, it is wise to use the filters option available in the browse form to narrow the research.

In addition, registered users' domains in their watch list are not subject to this limitation. So for a faster information, users ought to register and track domain names into their watch lists.

Domain names and legal issues

Domain names found in SaveSpell may be subject to trademark protections so it is always wise to verify before registering any domain name. In case of any domain name dispute, it is very important to show a fair use of the domain name in question.

Contact, suggestions, bug reports

As SaveSpell is done by a human being, it's subject to errors. A dedicated forum is available for all kind of discussions. Also for private requests, Tristan, your webmaster is available for .

SaveSpell is also open to any opportunities or partnership.


The content on is provided "AS-IS" with no guarantee, may contain errors or inaccurate entries. You have to be familiar with the concept of domain names. cannot be responsible for any trademark violations, failed domain registrations or lost money. Common sense is a friend...