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Summary information regarding is available on this information page. Many questions missing on this page may have an answer there.

What is

It tracks expiring domain names, then compares thousands of names to known word lists in the following genders:

The complete list is available either on the result page or on the summary page. When some interesting lists are found, they are added on the web site.

When an expiring domain name is found in a word from the database, it will be added on the web site.

In addition, it tries to find unregisreted domain names matching any word in the different wordlists, when the system has nothing else to do.What is a domain name?

If you are not familiar with the concept of Domain names or TLD (Top-Level Domains), the following web sites explains it in plain english: Domain Name Basics: An Introduction. This Wikipedia article is also a good start.


What are the possible domain status?

There are 9 possible status for a domain name of which 6 are in use:
- expiring: when an expiring domain is imported, it gets this status until either released by the registry or registered.
- expired: when an expiring domain name is deleted from the registry and is available to registration, it gets to this status during the 24 hours following the deletion. The exact time of release of a domain name is difficult to predict.
- taken: describes a domain which has been registered. Taken domains are sometime cancelled, for that reason they are still monitored for a period after registration.
- free: a free domain is a new available domain name found by the system.
- unknown: when a domain name verification failed or is set to un unexpected status (eg. in dispute), it is set as unknown until next check, one day later.
- Ignored domains: domains scheduled for later deletion that include domain named in dispute, sysadmin tests or domains registered and active for a while
a domain name can only be in one status.


What are those strange words?

Sometimes, some domain names look weird. Technically, this is a feature and not a bug. This is because some words are composed or contain some special characters (for example, the special character " can make domain names look weird when it it removed or replaced by an hyphen.

Composed words are either replaced or splitted; for instance: New York City can become either NewYorkCity or New-York-City; but mixed cases are not checked, such as New-YorkCity, as they don't make sense IMHO.

Selecting a word list is a mess!

Word lists are sorted by creation date. No feedback has been sent regarding this...

My favorite language is missing :-(

If you have or know where to get a word list of your language or theme, use the Contact link on the menu bar and send me a message.

How about two words domains?

If you are looking for domain names suggestions related to a specific word, you should check Nameboy, Domain Ideas or


Check limits

This is not a real time check. Names are usually checked once a day - or even less if the check queue is high. There are some services such as SnapNames, or NameJet that are parts of networks designed to capture domain names when they expire.

RSS feeds

If you do not know what a RSS feed is, This Wikipedia page explains it in details.

Some information in RSS feeds might be lost on very active listings (such as Recent changes) where more changes happen than the number of RSS items generated. If this is your case, you'd better narrow your search to additional filters (TLDs, Word lists, status).

Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is disabled at the moment...

Expiring domains Alexa ranking is evaluated, but as some domain names did forward their traffic to other Web sites, the result must not be taken too seriously, a manual check on is recommended for additional checks.

Two domain names can technically have the same rank as the rank is checked before the expiration date and not updated afterwards.


Despite the database frequent update, individual pages are updated between once an hour to once a day. But registered users who add a domain name to their watch list do not have this limitation on their personal list display.

On large results, the output is limited to 100 pages. If this is a problem, the best is to narrow results.

Also, registered users are entitled to refresh the cached entries by using shift+reload on a page; the page will be updated within the next minute.

Searching for domain names

How can I look for keywords?

The Quick search form is active but has a special syntax:
It will look for words matching a keyword, and an extension matching the extension given (after the . character).
As a result, entering home.o will match a domain name containing the keyword home, and a TLD containing the o character. See results.

How can I track a domain name?

If you want to track a specific domain name, you can use the watch list. To be able to use he watch list, you have to register an account on the web site.

Also, you can either bookmark the page (after clicking on the domain name you've just found), or tag it on


Trademark issues

Always be careful about Trademark issues. Many words, including dictionary based can be subject to trakemark. In case you own a domain name violating to a trademark, do not attempt to redirect a Web site's traffic to the competition of a Trademark's owner. US trademarks can be checked on the United States Patent and Trademark Office while international ones can be found on the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Common sense is always the best attitude in case of problem.



Anything else can be reported (including bug reports, wish list, ideas) can be reported on the forum.

Typos reports are also welcome.


The content on is provided "AS-IS" with no guarantee, may contain errors or inaccurate entries. You have to be familiar with the concept of domain names. cannot be responsible for any trademark violations, failed domain registrations or lost money. Common sense is a friend...